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Smart Dog: Robotic Canine Obeys Smartphone
06/14/12 — Major Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy is developing a new breed of robotic dogs. Similar to the company’s i-SOBOT humanoid robot, the i-SODOG also features several joints fitted with custom designed servo motors and comes with a dedicated remote control. However, the i-SODOG can also be controlled via your smartphone. The robot dog has a dedicated remote control module, as well as a function which allows users to control it from their iPhone or other smartphone device. This means that a few text commands could see the pup following simple tasks, such as rolling over, sitting and offering its paw,…

HEXBUG Nano Swarms Toys“R”Us & RadioShack Stores Nationwide
11/05/09 — Innovation First’s new robotic toy features interactive online experience dedicated to science & discovery. Innovation First International, a developer of educational and competitive robotics products and consumer robotics toys, unveiled the HEXBUG Nano – a tiny, 1.75 inch energetic micro robotic bug that uses the physics of vibration and robotic intelligence to skitter along and explore its environment on smooth surfaces. Planned as a series for collectors, the first release is the Nano Newton Collection of five unique bugs for kids 3 years old and up, and is now available for $7.99 each at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and online at…

Household Robots Do Not Protect Users’ Security and Privacy, Researchers Say
10/12/09 — University of Washington research included in the proceedings from the 11th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing sheds light on an unaddressed problem with certain classes of consumer robotics products. People are increasingly using household robots for chores, communication, entertainment and companionship. But safety and privacy risks of information-gathering objects that…

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