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Carnegie Mellon Launches $7 Million Initiative Using Robots To Boost Science and Technology Majors
07/14/10 — The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is sponsoring a program called Fostering Innovation through Robotics Exploration that is designed to increase the number of college students majoring in computer science, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (CS-STEM). A new four-year, $7 million educational initiative by Carnegie Mellon University will leverage students’ innate interest in robots and other forms of “hard fun” to increase U.S. enrollments in computer science and steer more young people into scientific and technological careers. The initiative, called Fostering Innovation through Robotics Exploration (FIRE), is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and designed to reverse…

PCS Edventures! Announces Partnership With MINDS-i
10/01/09 — PCS Edventures!, a developer of STEM learning labs for the international K-12 market partners with MINDS-I a maker of construction systems for robotics and engineering students. PCS Edventures! (OTCBB: PCSV) announced the execution of two sales and distribution agreements with MINDS-i, Inc., of Liberty Lake, Washington. MINDS-i is the maker of advanced motorized and non-motorized construction systems for the education, hobby, and retail marketplace that provide a high level of interoperability and strength for advanced building and design applications. Michael Marzetta, President of MINDS-i and the inventor of the system, said “MINDS-i is delighted to form this alliance with PCS…

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