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New Robot Website For Telepresence
05/08/12 — just launched its website to give businesses, hospitals and schools more information on telepresence robots and to assist them in choosing the best robot to fit their specific needs As the site explains about itself: “Telepresence Robots is a company that prides itself on bringing the latest information about telepresence robots to the public. With the interactive use of the forum, blog and review functions, we hope that this website can be a "one stop shop" for all your technical and user details. “Telepresence Robots present options for interactive robots to its clients. Since we are a third party…

Telepresence Robot Controlled by Paralyzed Man
04/27/12 — TMCnet—It's been the stuff of science fiction for years, specifically, the ability to download one's consciousness from a physical body and implant it into a much more durable—and in some cases much more mobile—body. While we've largely been unable to do anything like that outside of science fiction, the tide is changing, and for one paralyzed man who's recovered his mobility with the aid of a kind of telepresence robot controlled by his thoughts, it's already here. Switzerland's Federal Institute of Technology today used a head cap to record brain signals coming from Mark-Andre Duc, a paralyzed man who was…

Beringea Invests $6 Million in Telemedicine Robotics Specialist InTouch Health
05/05/10 — Developer of technologies that enable physicians to remotely perform real-time consults and diagnosis with hospital patients will use funding to open an engineering research and development center in Michigan, as well as further fuel the company’s product development, sales and marketing efforts and international expansion. Beringea, Michigan’s largest venture capital…

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