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Thermal-Powered, Insectlike Robot Crawls Into Microrobot Contenders’ Ring
07/08/10 — University of Washington researchers develop a miniature, insectlike robot with hundreds of tiny legs that can carry heavy loads - more than seven times its own weight - and move in any direction. Robotic cars attracted attention last decade with a 100-mile driverless race across the desert competing for a $1 million prize put up by the U.S. government. The past few years have also given rise to a growing number of microrobots, miniaturized mobile machines designed to perform specific tasks. And though spectators might need magnifying glasses to see the action, some think the time has come for a…

Household Robots Do Not Protect Users’ Security and Privacy, Researchers Say
10/12/09 — University of Washington research included in the proceedings from the 11th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing sheds light on an unaddressed problem with certain classes of consumer robotics products. People are increasingly using household robots for chores, communication, entertainment and companionship. But safety and privacy risks of information-gathering objects that move around our homes are not yet adequately addressed, according to a new University of Washington study. It’s not a question of evil robots, but of robots that can be misused. “A lot of attention has been paid to robots becoming more intelligent and turning evil,” said co-author Tadayoshi Kohno,…

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