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iRobot Seaglider Collecting Valuable Data in the Gulf of Mexico
05/27/10 — iRobot’s Seaglider Unmanned Underwater Vehicle is used by the Marine Science Department at the University of Southern Mississippi to locate and monitor large clouds of dispersed oil droplets from recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill iRobot (NASDAQ: IRBT), a leader in delivering robotic technology-based solutions, announced that its Seaglider Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) is currently being used as a platform to collect valuable ocean data in an effort to monitor the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill. iRobot is working with Dr. Vernon Asper of the Marine Science Department at the University of Southern Mississippi ( and Dr. Craig Lee…

Clever as a Blind Fish
04/11/10 — Working under the belief that the animal kingdom provides excellent insights into the development of autonomous robots, researchers at the CoTeSys (Cognition for Technical Systems) excellence cluster in Munich develops an underwater robot named “Snookie” modeled on the blind Mexican cave fish Astyanax. The underwater robot “Snookie” can orient itself in murky waters with an artificial sensory organ inspired by the so-called lateral-line system, found in fish and some amphibians. The experimental vehicle was developed by researchers at the Technische Universität München within the framework of the CoTeSys (Cognition for Technical Systems) excellence cluster. In the future, the researchers expect…

AlumiFuel Power Announces Update of Its Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Initiatives
03/02/10 — Developer of on-demand hydrogen gas fuel sources begins advanced design work on a prototype steam generator for Navy UUV applications where exothermic reaction between water and aluminum is used to superheat steam to drive a turbine providing underwater propulsion. Early production stage hydrogen generation company AlumiFuel Power, Inc. (“API”), the…

Researchers Develop the First Fully Autonomous Underwater Manipulation System
02/12/10 — Using funding from the US Office of Naval Research, Autonomous Systems Laboratory of the University of Hawaii and its spin-off company, MASE, Inc., have developed SAUVIM, an underwater robot capable of performing autonomous navigation and manipulation. The first fully autonomous underwater manipulation in an unstructured environment was demonstrated at the…

Scarlet Knight Underwater Robotic Glider Crosses the Atlantic
12/09/09 — Launched in New Jersey in April 27, 2009, and after 7,389km and eight months (221 days) at sea, Rutgers University’s Scarlet Knight reaches Spain on December 09, 2009 becoming the first underwater robot to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The Scarlet Knight, the first submersible robot glider to cross the Atlantic,…

Seaglider Monitors Waters from Arctic During Record-breaking Journey Under Ice
05/14/09 — The University of Washington has surpassed its own world record for operating a glider under the ice, this time by successfully operating one of its seagliders for six months as it made round trips hundreds of miles in length under the ice at Davis Strait. - The University of Washington…

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