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Sharp to Sell Moody Robotic Vacuum With Video Streaming & Remote Control
05/08/12 — IDG—Sharp announced a Roomba-like device Tuesday, with a host of features including a mounted camera that streams video to mobile phones, voice recognition and a built-in air purifier. It's also a bit moody. Cocorobo, a name that combines "heart" and "robot" in Japanese, will occasionally complain about being tired, or say it's not having that great of a day. Sharp wants to develop a new line of home appliances that have personality and communicate with their owners, like housekeeper pets. "We've developed a product that is a vacuum cleaner, but I think there is a need for automated products beyond…

Neato Robotics Inc. Raises $12.2 Million
04/20/12 — Neato revealed the bare bones of its venture round in early April via a regulatory filing, but gave full details today in a press release. The Newark company makes automatic vacuum cleaners and is working on other devices for household chores. Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GMBH and Noventi Ventures of Menlo Park gave money in this round. Neato, led by CEO Warren Flick since last May, will spend the money on new products as well as on marketing and expanding its operations. The idea for Neato’s first product won a competition at Stanford University’s business school. Neato was started in…

Neato Robotics Begins Shipping of XV-11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
06/29/10 — The Neato XV-11's Room Positioning System technology and powerful vacuum system provides for efficient cleaning and complete coverage. Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley startup pioneering new products to free people from household chores, announced it will begin shipping its first Neato XV-11 home robot vacuum cleaners to consumers beginning the…

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